Solar System (July 6, 2015: Nishino Nanase blog translation)

July 6, 2015: Nishino Nanase blog translation.


first image Wahoo!

The day before yesterday was "The Music Day". I still have the recording when we appeared on the show last year. I sometimes look back at old music TV shows.
一昨日はTHE MUSIC DAYでした。 去年、出演したときの録画まだ残してる! 昔の歌番組とかたまに見返します。

The Taiyou Knock and Hane no Kioku MV's have been released.
太陽ノック 羽根の記憶 MV解禁されましたね~
image two The denim outfits that we wear on music shows are cute, but this is really cute too. A paisley pattern. It's alright, isn't it.
歌番組で着てるデニム衣装も可愛いけど、この衣装も可愛い! ペイズリー柄!よかろうなのだ

The Seven Election Fair has started!

I go there a lot, but seeing our faces in the entrance and inside the store is really funny and interesting. My name is "Nanase" ("nana" is Japanese for seven), so having "seven" in my name and being able to do a campaign with Seven Eleven, I'm really happy.
よく利用させていただくのですが、入口や店内に自分たちの顔があるのが不思議で面白いです 七瀬という名前なので セブンが付く、セブンイレブンさんと一緒にキャンペーンをすることができて嬉しい( 〃▽〃)

There's also a 7-11 limited support ticket, and I was able to get this towel.
セブンイレブン限定の応援グッズ付きチケットというのがあって そのグッズであるタオルをいただきました~ picture

It's 7-11 colored, isn't it.

The deadline for the tickets the 8th! Also, if you haven't got the tour tickets yet, please get the tickets and please have fun with us at the national tour!
応募締切は8日まで! まだツアーのチケットを持ってないって方は、ぜひゲットして、全国ツアーライブに遊びにきてくださいー(o^O^o)

Hatsumori Bemars (a TV drama starring Nogizaka46) is also starting soon. Here's something while filming.
いよいよ 初森べマーズもはじまる~ 撮影の合間に。 picture Depressed.

picture Imadoki and Chopin
イマドキ ショパン

Also, Kanashimo no Wasurekata, Documentary of Nogizaka46 is going to be released soon, so we're going all over Japan for screening events. I'm going to my hometown Osaka. Takoyaki!
さらに 悲しみの忘れ方 Documentary of 乃木坂46 もいよいよ公開ということで 日本各地に舞台挨拶いきます!わたしは地元大阪へ~ たこ焼き~

I'm looking forward to watching this and seeing what you think. The film is very nice looking!
みなさんがこの映画を観てどんなことを思うんだろうか、と楽しみです 画が綺麗です!

Inochi wa utsukushi's jacket picture is being used in a poster for "24 Hour Children SOS Dailer". Right now, it looks like the poster is going to be posted in all elementary, middle, and high schools. Maybe you'll have a chance to see it?
命は美しいのジャケット写真が 「24 時間子供SOSダイヤル」のポスターに使用していただいております! なんと現在、全国の小・中・高等学校に貼られているそうで。 見れる機会あるかなぁ( ・∇・)?

Already, I'm starting to look at Fall clothing. It's still going to be a hot summer. Sunlight!
すでに秋物の洋服に目がいっちゃうけど まだまだ熱い夏はこれからだ~ 太陽!

Let's do our best!