I ate ramen at work (July 7th, 2015: Kawamura Mahiro blog translation)

July 7th, 2015: Kawamura Mahiro blog translation

Hello! Is this Mani? Or is this Rottei?
こんにちわぁー。 まにだよ? ろってぃーだよ?

Mmnnn, here's my blurry thumb!
ん♡ 親指ぶれたでぇ.


Is every doing well today? It's really today, but I'm fully of energy like always.
皆元気してますかー? 雨が続いてるけど,私はいつも通り元気ぃ.*

Lately, I'm really happy appearing on many music TV shows. Did you watch The Music Day?
最近もまた歌番組などなど... 充実してます.『THE MUSIC DAY』♩♩見てくれたかな?

There were many wonderful artists, and I'm really really thankful I got to perform in the same place as them.

I felt really good performing in front of so many people.

After the performance, thanks for giving me your opinions on 755. I read all your comments. I was very happy.
放送後,755やコメントに感想書いてくれてありがとう! ちゃんと読んだよ♡ 嬉しかったよ.

I forgot to take a picture with Nanase!!! So, I guess I'll bring back to life an old picture.
七瀬と写真撮り忘れたぁぁぁ! ってことで前に載せた写真を再活用.笑ノ


I had lunch with Nanase last week!

I really like it when we're together. We had nabe. We had curry. We went somewhere. This time.... we went to a cafe that someone recommended to me.
七瀬と行く時は 2人がいいんだぁ. 鍋行って,カレー行って,どっか行って,今回はぁーー,,, まにオススメのカフェに行ってきましたぁ♡

There weren't a lot of people, so I was able to relax and enjoy some "slow time" with Nanase. We talked alot about Nogizaka and our hometowns. Before leaving the store, I went to the bathroom, and then I asked for the bill. But the person said, "The bill has already been paid."
で,色々と乃木の話したり,地元の話したりして~~~, 店出る前にお手洗いに行って,「会計お願いします」って言ったら,店の人が「会計は済んでますよ(^^)」って言ってきてさ,,,

When I looked at Nanase, she said, "This's my treat!"

"NANASEEEEEEEEEE!! Thanksssssss!" That's how I felt. 『七瀬ぇぇぇーーー‼︎‼︎ ありがとぉぉぉ゜・(ノД`)・゜』って感じでした.♡♡♡

I can't really say what the treat was for, but I'm glad she was happy for me....

Afterwards, since we ate, we decided to walk around. We walked around, looked at glasses, look at clothes, did some shopping. It was so fun.
その後に,「食べたし歩こかー!」ってなって お散歩しつつ,眼鏡見たり,お洋服見たりして買い物してたよ~。 楽しかったなん♡


That's me on the left in orange.



Bye Bye! Mahiro

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