Hana Moe Yuu don♪355 (July 8th, 2015: Ikuta Erika blog translation)

July 8th, 2015: Ikuta Erika blog translation

Good evening!

It was Tanabata yesterday, right? Everyone, did you wish for something?
昨日は七夕でしたね☆ みなさん何かお願い事しましたかー?

Up until last year, I always wrote my wishes, but this year, I didn't get to.
私は、去年までは学校で短冊書いてたけど 今年は短冊見もしなかったなぁ(´・_・`)


It was announced in the news today, but 10 members of Nogizaka46 will be appearing in NHK's Taiga drama, "Hana-moe-yu", which will start airing on the 19th.
今日ニュースで発表されたのですが、 乃木坂の10人で 19日放送のNHK大河ドラマ「花燃ゆ」に

It's the first time appearing in a Taiga drama! To be honest, I didn't think it would every happened. I'm surprised and honoroed.
大河初出演です! というか出演できる日が来るとは思ってなかったので びっくり、光栄です。

The wigs are really heavier than I thought, and whenever I bow, they fall off. Manatsu looked like she was having a hard time. She tried so hard while she was crying.
カツラが予想以上に重たくて おじぎするとき頭が落っこちそうになったよ。 あと真夏が大変そうでした...(*゚ー゚)> いや、でもほんとにね 彼女は泣きながら頑張ってました。


Taking off the wigs...


So refreshing----! haha.

We only appear for just a little, but I'd be happy if you noticed us appearing.
出演はほんとにちょっとですが、みなさんぜひ見て おー出てる出てるー、と呟いてもらえたら嬉しいです(o^^o)

Today, I went to Seven Eleven, and it was filled with Nogizaka. I was really touched by it. My friends also got the pictures, so I was thankful. I'm really happy that many people seen to be collecting the various goods.
今日ね、店内が乃木坂だらけになったセブンイレブン入ったよ♪ なんか感動しちゃった。 友だちもブロマイドゲットしてくれてたり ありがたやっ(;_;) みなさんも色々集めてくださってるみたいで、嬉しいなぁ。

Ah! A few people mentioned it in the comments, but there's a poster inside the train station at Ikebukuro of Hatsu Mori Bemars. Please look at it if you stop by.
あ!何人かの方がコメントに書いてくださったのですが 初森ベマーズのショパンのポスターが、メトロの池袋駅に貼ってあるので お立ち寄りの際はチラっと見ていってね~~


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